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Hardangervidda in May
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Steep hills and unforgiving weather. Why work so hard to go somewhere we cannot stay? To hear animal kings roar, to see the majesty...

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Clothes for hunting need to be silent and blend in with the surroundings – and clothes for hunting in the Nordics need to be...

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First edition

So many details and decisions go into making good design – and we are now settling the last details for the first edition. We will be out with...

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C7 Signature

So we needed to find a good working title for naming conventions on specifications, sketches and styles. And the natural choice would be to...

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Responsible production

When we met the team from our manufacturing partner, we knew we’ve made the right choice. We met motivated and professional people who care...

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Our team

VRTBR /ˈvɜr təˌbreɪ/ is an innovative company with Norwegian roots and Danish design, bringing Nordic hunting gear to a new level. Vertebrae stems from...

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Hardangervidda in May
Innovation Norway

  Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. They support companies in developing...

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