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Our Concept

To break away from the common path


Clothes for hunting

need to be silent and blend in with the surroundings, and clothes for hunting in the Nordics need to be waterproof enough to withstand the rough weather conditions during autumn and winter – the normal hunting season.

We have designed a full layering system with C7 PARKA and PANTS as shell, T1 MIDLAYER for warmth and T2 BASE LAYER for next-to-skin insulation.


The jacket

includes direct safety features such as a red liner in the hood for increased visibility in emergency situations.

The length of the jacket gives you good protection in severe weather. The adjustable width of the jacket allows for an extra layer underneath, since fleece or down/fibre insulation perform best when not collapsed or compressed.


All pockets

are secured with zippers. This is combined with added depth and smaller apertures to prevent you from loosing bits and pieces even if you forget to close or zip the pockets.